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Simphiwe Ngema Shows Off Her Banging Body

Simphiwe Ngema Shows Off Her Banging Body. Giving birth is such a beautiful thing to a lot of women out there. Unfortunately after giving birth the body goes through some changes. There are saggy boobs, stretch marks, baby fat, belly pooch and a whole lot of nasty things to deal with.

If you are struggling with weight gain, the you can borrow a leaf from Simphiwe Ngema‘s book. The talented actress, singer and influencer, gave birth to her first born child in 2020, and just like that, she has fetched her body. A year ago, Simphiwe revealed that she began her fitness journey with Supavite, a brand that she is the face of. Although there are temptations here and there, Simphiwe, said she has been sticking to a healthy diet. She also stated that she drinks plenty of water, and exercises daily.

The results are quite evident, and Simphiwe is looking as hot as ever. She recently shared a picture of herself wearing only a bra and tights. She looks slim, and she is also spotting a flat tummy. Talk about body goals!

The body that gave birth to a king,” Simphiwe said.

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A week ago, Simphiwe shared a beautiful video on Instagram dedicated to her body. The video takes us through the journey of Simphiwe’s pregnancy up until she gave birth to her son, Tiyani. She also encouraged all mothers out there to take time to love their body and appreciate it for bringing blessings to their life.

Dear body, you might not look like you used to but I am so grateful to you for carrying me. Thank you for being so strong even on days when my mind couldn’t be strong. Thank you for being patient and for gifting me with the greatest blessing. I’m still here to love you more than I’ve ever loved you,” Simphiwe captioned the video.

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