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Norma Mngoma On Why She Is Speaking Up Now

Norma Mngoma On Why She Is Speaking Up Now. Over the past couple of months, she has been making headlines for various burning issues. From being detained in a police cell, to endless court sessions, it goes without saying that, Norma Mngoma has gone through the most.

In December 2020, the estranged wife of Malusi Gigaba, had an exclusive interview with eNCA. On the interview, she dished out some hectic dirt on the former Minister, saying that Gigaba received bags of money in return for favors and to maintain his lavish lifestyle. She also stated that she was willing to testify at the state capture inquiry if she is subpoenaed.

Recently Mngoma, had the country’s attention after she was summoned by the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture. She further opened up about the lavish lifestyle she lived with former minister Malusi Gigaba, which was mainly thanks to the Guptas. Mngoma also detailed how the Guptas gave her husband a number of gifts, including a BMW, as well as jewellery and money.

Among other things, Mngoma spoke about the Guptas’ influence on appointments at state-owned enterprises. She says Ajay Gupta and her husband would often argue about who should be appointed. After this testimony, people shared different view, with others saying that she is a woman scorned. Others however, applauded her for her bravery, which will help to oust those people who have used their positions for their own gains. As for Mngoma, she is proud of how standing her ground, despite everything.

Looking back where I was few years back and where I am today, so proud of myself for not looking like what I’ve been through. So proud of choosing myself and standing my ground where many expected me to conform, firstly I am not a conformist , I’m here in this world to play my part not following anyone’s rule. I stand up for myself the way I see it fits for me, Mngoma said.

For those who are not happy with how she handled the matter, Mngoma said that she does things by her own rules. She emphasized that this is her own life and she will do things the way she want to. Mngoma also added that she won’t be forced to be loyal to people who are not loyal to her. She also challenged the narrative that women should be the only gender expected to be bigger people in situations.

I’ve seen messages on my timeline especially with fake accounts people asking me why you did this and that because you were supposed to walk away , jonga apha we deal with things differently my life is not book where you just page it the way you want , also those who say why you are speaking up now or why you say this and that there, same thing applies Akere this is my life , I will do things the way I want to do them & when it’s time to fight I’m not a coward even legally I will challenge any unfair treatment towards me. People mustn’t force me to be loyal to people who are not loyal to me, loyalty and trust are earned not forced. When I offer peace and you decide to offer drama so be it.You can’t treat people like trash then expect them to treat you with respect awunyi perhaps 😂, jonga this world belongs to women too, when people are they gonna be accountable for their actions.

Why you did this & that to the father of your kids? Did you ever ask him why he did this & that to the mother of his kids? Why women must always be the bigger people in situations, forget it ke apha kum,you screw me and will screw you & your entire being so that you learn how to treat people. You prepared your own bed mos lala ke why acting like a victim now, those who say I must heal , dealing with what hurt me that’s my way of healing, kaloku you can’t tell me how to heal ,I’m the one who wore the shoe. Lastly to every decision that I have taken so far I don’t regret anything so stop sending me DM’s or asking me crap questions with fake accounts thinking that will feel bad about certain things. Ngiright where I am because I have dealt with things the way I wanted & now I’m moving on in my own pace. Don’t expect me to do things the way if fits to you ,I am my own person✊🏽

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