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Shona Ferguson On How Spreading Gossip Can Destroy One’s Career

Shona Ferguson On How Spreading Gossip Can Destroy One’s Career. He is always dishing out some motivational quotes on social media. Be it relationship tips, career advice, you name it, Shona Ferguson is always ready to share great words of wisdom. Although he never directly takes on his critics, the talented actor and executive producer always finds a way to address any form of negativity through his Instagram posts.

Shona has had a fall off with many actors, a lot of who he has worked with on the production company that he and his wife, Connie Ferguson own. The likes of Vatiswa Ndara, Mara Louw, Keke Mphuthi, Rami Chuene and Mlamli Mangcala are some of the former Ferguson Films employees who always publicly speak about their unfair dismissals as well as bad treatment at the hands of their employers. Despite all this, the Fergusons hardly address such allegations to the fullest, instead they continue to produce many projects amidst the drama.

Could Shona’s latest posts be a subtle way to address the criticism they always get from some of their fellow actors? He took to Instagram to share how gossiping and spreading lousy news can hurt one’s career. He urged his followers to stay away from people who always have only negative things to say about others. To those who do it, Shona asked them to stop immediately.

Gossiping is toxic & harmful. Spreading lousy news and gossiping will only hurt your career. You will encounter a lot of people who are full of frustration, anger & disappointment and as soon as their negativity keeps on mounting, they look for a place to dump it. If you let them, they’ll dump it on you. So stay away from such kind of negative people. In case you are one of a kind, stop it immediately,” he said.

The man who hardly does interviews, says he personally does not invest in opinions generally. Whether the opinion is good or bad, Shona takes it as simply understanding from the person’s perspective. But if you come to him with gossip about another person, he gets red flags immediately. “I don’t trust people who repeat crap they “heard” from others, period. Why would someone be comfortable sharing negative BS with you in the first place!? If you are in their company and they are talking about me or mine, and you do not shut it down, you are worse than them and I do not want such people in my life. This is MY belief,” Shona said.

Shona also spoke about how social media has made the culture of spreading rumors and gossip dangerously normal. He has noticed that a lot of people retweet, share hateful posts and like mean spirited content. All of this is done just to probably get attention in the form of likes.

Comparing gossipers to people who mind their own business, Shona said, “FACT: Successful, happy, healthy, wealthy, positive & confident people have no time to talk about others. They are too busy focusing on their own lives and spreading love. There’s a difference between winners and losers. Winners focus on winning, building, creating and growing while losers talk, speculate, criticize & gossip.When was the last time you heard of a “critic” or “gossiper” doing better than the one they talk smack about???????

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