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Sello Maake KaNcube Not Bothered by The Age Difference In His Relationship

Sello Maake KaNcube Not Bothered by The Age Difference In His Relationship. Every time a celebrity reveals their new relationship status, it becomes breaking news. Recently Sello Maake KaNcube, revealed that he has found love again, and social media went wild. The award winning actor has found love in the arms of Solo Pearl Mbewe.

What caught the attention of many is that there is that there is a 22 year gap between the two. Maake KaNcube recently celebrated his 61st birthday, whereas, Solo is 39 years of age. As expected a lot of people weighed in on the age difference between the couple. Criticism will always be there, and the two have chosen to continue showing each other love, despite who says what. Judging from their social media posts, one can tell that both Maake KaNcube and Solo are in it for keeps.

According to sources close to them, the two lovebirds met mid-last year and hit it off immediately after a couple of rendezvous. It has only been recently that the relationship went public. When others are busy calculating the numbers, Maake KaNcube celebrates the meaning behind their ages. When combined, their ages add up to 100, which according to him, is a sign of divine guidance.

Fun fact! While everyone was focusing on the age difference #chooseday I choose you! @Solopearl 100 comes as a sign of Divine Guidance and reminds us that we can always rely on our own inner wisdom to show us which positive actions to take to attract circumstances that we desire,” Maake KaNcube said.

Maake ka Ncube, broke up with his wife, Palesa Mboweni, about three years ago. He had six children, but his eldest son sadly passed away in a car accident a few years ago. The actor has always made it a priority to be there for his kids as he didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing that from his own father. On the other hand Solo, has two children.

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