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Masechaba Khumalo Seems To Have A Different Opinion Over Rasta’s Paintings

Masechaba Khumalo Seems To Have A Different Opinion Over Rasta’s Paintings. It has become a norm for Rasta The Artist to paint portraits of famous people after they pass away. He normally unveils his masterpieces at memorial services of the deceased. The only thing about his paintings though, is that they are never received well by the masses. Every time Rasta shows off his work, people are hardly impressed and always ask him to stop with what he is doing.

But shockingly enough, Rasta has those who believe in him. One of his proud moments will have to be the day he painted Leanne Manas’ portrait to honor her birthday. Despite the backlash that Rasta got, Leanne was impressed with the piece of work done. The television personality went on to buy the painting and gave Rasta a word of encouragement. She urged Rasta, to keep on going and never listen to the negative reviews he always gets. Manas also encouraged other personalities who Rasta has done their portraits, to go fetch them.

Rasta’s latest work is the portrait of the late Dr Sindi Van Zyl. He unveiled the painting at Sindi’s memorial, and even went on to rock a dress with pockets in honor of the doctor who was loved by many. The portrait was not at all perfect, and boy did he get dragged for it! A lot of people said Rasta was being disrespectful to Sindi’s memory. As expected, they asked for him to be stopped, because now his art is just too much.

In the midst of it all, Masechaba Khumalo joined the hashtag that was trending, with a totally different view. The media personality shared a tweet which translates that people only talk bad about you when you are doing amazing things. In most cases, they talk because they are trying to stop you doing what you are doing.

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars,” Masechaba said.

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