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5 Powerful Life Lessons To Learn From The Late Dr Sindi van Zyl

5 Powerful Life Lessons To Learn From The Late Dr Sindi van Zyl. A lot of people have taken to social media to share their touching Dr Sindi van Zyl stories. The good doctor without a doubt dedicated her life to helping many people. She knew from the age of 4 that she always wanted to help people as a medical doctor, and she lived up to her profession. In 2018, van Zyl was named one of Glamour Magazine’s most glamorous women at their annual Women of the Year awards. She was honored for her excellence and activism in health and medicine.

Over the past few weeks, South Africans donated more than R1.5 million to help cover her medical expenses when it emerged that she was between medical aids at the time of being admitted to hospital in February. Through the help of individuals and companies like Woolworths and Le Creuset, the #GiftSindiLife campaign managed to raise just over R1 million. Unfortunately, van Zyl passed away on Saturday morning, the 10th April 2021 leaving her loved ones and fans at large devastated.

1. Use Social Media Positively

Dr Sindi gained popularity through her social media platforms. She used Twitter, mainly, to inform and engage about HIV particularly Prevention of mother to child transmission. This can be a lesson to all of us, that social media should be used for building instead of destroying.

2. Blessed Is The Hand That Gives

She has been a beacon of love and light, a beautiful soul who loved and gave endlessly with grace and kindness. So may people have take to Twitter to share stories of how Dr Sindi helped them when they were desperate. Whether it was advice or material things, she always came through. Helping the needy doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be reach, even a word of advice can go a long way.

3. Remember the Less Privileged

Dr Sindi has been hailed for an exemplary life of selflessness, bridging the gap of access to health services and education. She used her profession to reach out to those who can’t afford medical bills. We learn here that, we should always identify those who need assistance the most, and reach out to them.

4. Always Be Real

Dr Sindi shared about her personal journey with depression and physician burnout. She also used to speak about her banting journey, from which she lost 41kg. This made her relatable, more especially to people who are going through life challenges. This goes on to show that, you own personal life can inspire those who look up to you in a major way, so share it.

5. Charity Begins at Home

Dr Sindi loved to share her family, affectionately calling her children “the caramellos” as they came from a white dad and black mom. As much as she was always there for everyone, Sindi did not neglect her family. Always look after those around you, so that you when you go all out for strangers, you do it with a clear conscience.

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