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Relebogile Mabotja Claps Back After Being Judged For Announcing Her Pregnancy

Relebogile Mabotja Claps Back After Being Judged For Announcing Her Pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a beautiful time for most women, more so when you have been waiting for a miracle for some years. This is why some women go all out when they reveal that they are expecting. Just a few days ago media personality and actress, Relebogile Mabotja, took to social media to officially announce that she is going to be a mother.

As soon as the news broke that she is pregnant, Relebogile was showered with congratulatory messages from many well wishers. Relebogile’s child has come as a blessing, looking at the fact that she struggled to conceive after previously having had complications with fibroids surrounding her uterus. She finally got the courage to publicly speak about her condition ow that she is expecting.

Relebogile shared her story with Batswadi Magazine, where she opened up about her pregacy journey. She also shared some beautiful pictures of her baby bump, ad revealed that her pregnancy is 30 weeks old. This did not sit well with one tweep who is against pregacy being shared on social media, regarding itas a celebrity lifestyle.

I was told that when a woman she’s pregnant cannot share such news especially with strangers it’s like you are advertising your pregnancy on social media I guess celebrity life style it’s treating you well good for you,” the tweep said.

I was told to mind my business… But here we are,” Relebogile clapped back!

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