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Enhle Mbali Buys Herself A Porsche To Celebrate Her 33rd Birthday

Enhle Mbali Buys Herself A Porsche To Celebrate Her 33rd Birthday. There comes a time when one approaches life in a different manner than they used to. This all happens after life altering changes or just introspection. One individual who is embracing new beginnings is Enhle Mbali. Over the last couple of years, she has been on the spotlight because of her much publicized divorce to Black Coffee.

When Enhle turned 30, she made a conscious decision to make changes in her life, as well as live her life how she feels on her own terms. She is celebrating her 33rd birthday today, and she is all about a fresh start. The talented actress and fashion designer started off by sharing a video of herself chopping her hair, and we can’t wait for her new look. Interestingly, Enhle showed off her new ring which she put on herself as a promise to love herself unconditionally.

Enhle also revealed that she bought herself a dope gift. She is a proud owner of a brand new Porsche. Enhle stated that this gesture is another way to show that she loves herself, and the next person who would want to be in her life has to understand that. She bought it a week ago, ad it has bee the best kept secret among those close to her. It looks like this is one of her favorite cars, because a few years ago, Black Coffee gifted her a Porsche.

On top of everything else, Enhle is giving away some goodies to lucky ladies out there. She has partnered up with Nivea, and will soon give away some pampers for ladies to get that glow. Blessed is the hand that gives.

Let me share the joy of life with you # Simplyenhle it’s my birthday.

Let me share the joy of life with you #empressenhle #Simplyenhle it’s my birthday. #nivea I’m giving u gifts on my Birthday love you ladies,”
Enhle said.

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