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Basetsana Kumalo On Why She Always Openly Reveal Her Age #47loading

Basetsana Kumalo On Why She Always Openly Reveal Her Age. People in general prefer not to reveal how old they are to just anyone. This is because we get judged according to how old we are. The entertainment industry is even worse when it comes to the age factor, a lot of opportunities are reserved for younger people. Sadly women, are the ones mostly judged because of their old.

Having noted that, there are a lot of inspirational women out there who are still relevant, despite their ages. The likes of Basetsana Kumalo, Connie Ferguson, Shauwn Mkhize and many more are movers and shakers in the industry. Without any fear, they put their ages out there, and some are even proud grandmothers

Basetsana, who is a former Miss SA, is about to celebrate her 47th birthday, but still looks as hot as ever. The media mogul, has revealed that when many dread getting older, she enjoys growing older with each year. One thing also about her is that she openly reveals how old she is.

Believe it or not, I enjoy growing older with each year. People are often taken aback when I openly say how old I am without flinching. I guess society has decided to frown upon aging, and has prescribed what the ideal standards of beauty is,” Basetsana said.

In a world where women are constantly compared, it becomes difficult for them to publicly reveal their ages. Basetsana though has realized that the sooner a person embrace their age, they sooner they become content with it. She also added that, being comfortable about your age, will help you be a person who seeks validation from no one. Now those are words of wisdom from the new Rage Rover ambassador.

As women we have then become circumspect of disclosing one’s age. Societal judgement, throwing all manner of unkindness and making women compare themselves is unnecessary. The sooner you can embrace your age,the more content you will be.

There is something about coming into your own, being comfortable in your own skin, not seeking validation from anyone and being true to you. Now that is beautiful
,” words of wisdom from the beautiful Basetsana.

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