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Trevor Gumbi Undergoes A Life Changing Surgery

Trevor Gumbi Undergoes A Life Changing Surgery. He has finally revealed the reason behind those scary pictures. Trevor Gumbi has been sharing pictures of himself looking like he just got a serious beating. Being the comedian he is, a lot of people just dismissed this as some kind of a joke. On the other hand, some thought Trevor is preparing himself for a dope acting gig, or even better, already on set shooting.

It turns out the actor, comedian and media personality was undergoing an eye operation. Most people are aware that Trevor has some sight problems a uses spectacles. Well, we might never see him rock a pair of spectacles because of this surgery that he recently had. Trevor’s eyes were cut open, and permanent contact lenses were inserted. This explains his recent pictures, and we can all breath now. We wish Trevor a speedy recovery after this surgery.

“TRUTH IS: I’ve just had life changing surgery done by Dr TB Maleka Opthlmologist. He cut my eyes open and inserted permanent contact lenses in my eyes. This is the first time since I was 10 years old not wearing glasses to see. Thank you Doc, you’re the best ! Video to follow,” Trevor explained.

Spectacles or not, Trevor continues to remain consistent in this competitive industry. He has made a mark both on TV and Radio, as well as on stage as a renowned standup comedian. His show, ‘Sober Companion’, which aired on SABC3 a few years ago,has recently been included on Netflix. The star studded fast-paced dark comedy portrays real life events of Trevor and Dr. Grace played by Tiffany Barbuzano.

‘Sober Companion’, dives into the infamous world of drug addiction and rehabilitation, as lived by Trevor, as he coaches various addicts while they reintegrate themselves into a world free from addiction. Kabomo Vilakazi, Nicole Bailey, Meren Reddy, Brandon Auret, Chris Beasley, Thandi Puren and Zane Meas also star on the film.

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