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Thick Leeyonce On Being Judged For What She Eats As A Full Figured Woman

Thick Leeyonce On Being Judged For What She Eats As A Full Figured Woman. A lot of people use social media to engage, inform, learn and unwind. Others though are on social media to constantly take others down. They find pleasure in body shamming others publicly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. One individual who has suffered this kind of bullying for many years is, Thick Leeyonce.

Although the plus size model and influencer is always spreading body positivity, there are still individuals who want her to feel bad about her body. Every time she posts her usual sexy pictures, there are mixed reactions. While the majority of her followers applaud her for her amazing confidence, other people find faults in seeing a plus size woman appreciates her body. Despite the negativity here and there, Thick Leeyonce is not about to stop posting pictures of her sexy self.

Another thing that Thick Leeyonce has noticed with regards to people who are full figured, is that they get judged on their eating habits. She took to the brutal Twitter streets saying that a skinny person can have fast foods for breakfast without being judged, whereas a full figured person will be judged for doing exactly the same thing.

I see skinny people tweeting about eating KFC for breakfast , no one will say anything about their health, but let me talk about craving chocolate at 8am, then everyone is a doctor who’s worried about my health. Please. Gtfoh,” Thick Leeyonce pointed out.

As expected her tweet was met with different views. Thick Leeyonce was quick to deal with the negative comments and put vile people in their place.

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