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Shauwn Mkhize On How She Deals With All The Negativity Directed At Her Family

Shauwn Mkhize On How She Deals With All The Negativity Directed At Her Family. Every now and then her family makes headlines or trend online. Although the live such positive lives, Shauwn Mkhize and her children, Andile and Sbahle Mpisane often get dragged on various social media platforms.

Just a few days ago, it was alleged that Shauwn and her son Andile could possibly lose out on 4 of their multi-million Rand mansions as they failed to pay their monthly installments. This resulted in the family once again becoming the talk of town. Another thing, Andile recently made his much anticipated Royal AM FC debut, the soccer team owned by his mother Shauwn, of which he’s the chairperson. Social media users went wild after finding out that Andile has “awarded” himself the number 10 soccer jersey of the Royal AM FC.

Despite all the negativity, the family is always spreading positive vibes on social media and showing off their extravagant life. How do they do it? Shauwn just took to Instagram to explain how they deal with all this. Well, they simply ignore all the hate spread on social media or mainstream media.

“There are those people that will go out of their way to always talk and say mean things about me and my family BUT thina we keep it moving,” she said.

Shauwn, then continued to spread some words of wisdom about how people can’t take what God has blessed you with. She encouraged her fans and followers to live in the moment, as well as celebrate the gift of life because instead of focusing on negative things.

When God decided to bless you? it’s only him who has the powers to take it away from you no one else , WHEN GOD SAY YESSS, NO ONE CAN SAY NO !!!!!! And when they try to say Nooo he has his own way of showing off ✊✊✊💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

It’s important to live life in the moment, celebrate the big things and the small things because life is too short to wallow in negativity. Wishing you all productive Tuesday ahead
,” wise words by Shauwn.

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