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Pearl Modiadie Reveals The Age Difference Between Her And Her Baby Daddy

Pearl Modiadie Reveals The Age Difference Between Her And Her Baby Daddy. Love is meant to be unconditional. Having noted that though, there are still some factors that a lot of people consider before jumping in straight away. Some look at the age factor, they have an age range that they prefer. Others look at fiances, looks, personality, nationality, tribe, compatibility and so forth and so on.

The issue of age was discussed on Metro FM, during Pearl Modiadie and Thomas Msegana’s show. Listeners were asked which novel about a romance between an older woman and a younger man would they prefer to read. One tweep then directed them to the trending story of Lionel Ritchie dating a woman 40 years his junior. Pearl was quick to point out that age is nothing but a number.

After her views on the age difference factor in relationships, one tweep came to the conclusion that Pearls baby daddy might be way older than her. Of which the media personality and actress clarified by saying her baby daddy Nathaniel Oppenheimer is only four years her senior.

This is not the first time, Pearl had to set matters straight with regards to speculations about her baby daddy. On one occasion, a tweep questioned her choice of baby daddy, but Pearl put the individual in their place with a sweet response. Despite what many might think out there, she has nothing but praises to sing about Oppenheimer.

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