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Masasa Mbangeni Opens Up About Her Painful Past Relationship Experience

Masasa Mbangeni Opens Up About Her Painful Past Relationship Experience. When it comes to love and relationships most people have a sad story to tell. It doesn’t matter how long ago it happened, every time we think about those memories we somehow get triggered. This is exactly how Masasa Mbangeni felt lately. It is quite evident that she is happily in love at the moment, but sometimes there are triggers that bring back some sad memories of the time when she was still dating a narcissist.

The award winning actress, was triggered by the experience of British singer FKA Twigs, who recently opened up her abusive relationship with Shia LaBeouf. She endured abuse for nearly a year at the hands of her former boyfriend and Honey Boy costar. Twigs finally managed to escape, and her story is shared on the latest issue of Elle magazine, with the title, ‘It’s A Miracle I Came Out Alive’. After reading the painful article, Masasa was left triggered because her experience was exactly the same.

Masasa also revealed that she once bought a R15 000 chandelier to an ex (not clear if it is the same narcissist). Well, it turns out the man was a serial cheater, and one of his exes left with the chandelier. This is quite some hectic stuff to go through, such that Masasa still can’t get over it five years later. She also pointed out that her followers should be happy for her when she constantly posts about her current man, Gwydion Beynon, because of what she has experienced in this game of love.

That ex went on to cheat on me with his hairdresser , his ex girlfriend ( who had taken back her chandelier hence the hole in the ceiling ) , his masseuse & a number of sex workers . It’s been 5years . I think about my chandelier guys,….So when I post my #LoveLivesHere pics please guys just be happy for me because I have dance with the devils & his progeny & come out alive” Masasa said.

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