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Miss SA First Runner Up Thato Mosehle On Working As A Doctor During A Pandemic

Miss SA First Runner Up Thato Mosehle On Working As A Doctor During A Pandemic. In may cases when we talk about Covid-19, we talk about those who are infected, as well as their loved ones. We tend to forget the front-line workers, who put their lives at risk as we continue to fight the virus.

We do have medical practitioners, supermarkets workers, taxi drivers, teachers and all those people whose line of work expose them to contracting Covid-19. Dr Thato Mosehle, who will represent South Africa at Miss Supranational is also a front-line worker.

As a junior Dr, the beauty queen was not prepared that she will start her work during such a trying time. But it is what it is, and Dr Thato finds herself as one of the doctors working tirelessly as the pandemic continues to spread like wildfire. Although Dr Thato is a positive person, sometimes she finds it overwhelming, dealing with a lot of patients, and seeing some of them lose their lives.

The good thing is that there are positive stories, of many patients surviving Covid-19. These are stories that give Dr Thato, many front-liners out there and the nation at large hope.

Our very own Miss Supranational South Africa @thato_mosehle is fighting on the frontline of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We want to thank every medical professional who is fighting tirelessly to overcome this pandemic.

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