“We’re Not A Rainbow Nation,” EFF Member Jack Markovitz #EFFInBrackenfell

“We’re Not A Rainbow Nation,” EFF Member Jack Markovitz. Currently making trends on Twitter is the ongoing protest happening in Brackenfell Highschool. A week ago, the protests took a wild turn when violent clashes erupted between EFF members and residents. The EFF are continuing with their protest outside of the local high school.

What caught the attention of many, is the white EFF member, Jack Markovitz. The UCT student, attended the protests ‘to have a confrontation’ with the wider white population in South Africa. Jack, opened up about his experiences as a white citizen who attended a private school. He says racism has always been there, and things keep on getting worse.

The racism is instilled in the bones of people in Brackenfell, as it is across South Africa, but it’s more open here. I went to a private school here. We saw racism everywhere, there were white-only parties across the parties. Things have gotten worse in the last 30 years. Today, we want to have that confrontation with white citizens,” he said.

“We are here to start a conversation about land and generational wealth. I’ve been an EFF member since I was 18. I fully agree with their message. No other party is speaking about this issue. The ANC is a neoliberal party. We, as white people, are holding onto our parents’ money. There was no healing in 1994. There needs to be mass reparations.”

Jack also went on to say that South Africa is not a rainbow nation,and 1994, didn’t solve the racism problem. He says, the late former president, Nelson Mandela sold us out, and we sold out Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

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