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Pic! Unathi On How She Didn’t Let Doubters Stand On Her Way To A Bikini Body

Pic! Unathi On How She Didn’t Let Doubters Stand On Her Way To A Bikini Body. Sometimes what stands on the way between us achieving our goals, is what other people say or think. But if you are as determined as Unathi, nothing can ever stop you.

Just like many women, the media personality and singer, gained weight after having children. After sometime as a thick woman, Unathi, then took it upon herself to go on a weight loss journey. Ever since then, she has never looked back, and is one of the hottest celebrities.

In most cases, Unathi shares pictures of her former body, comparing it to her current state. All of this is done to motivate anyone who wants to shed off some weight. On the recent picture she shared, Unathi, spoke about how people used to laugh at her when she mentioned she wanted to rock a bikini again.

Well, well, well, what do you know! She didn’t let naysayers demotivate her. Right now, she doesn’t even look a day over 30, all because of her determination and focus.

NINE years ago TODAY😭 a reminder from a dear friend JUST how far I’ve come❤️ This was the time I would say ‘All I want to do is get back into a bikini and people would laugh at me TO MY FACE’

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