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Florence Masebe Takes On Directors Regarding The Way Medical Scenes Are Portrayed On TV

Florence Masebe Takes On Directors Regarding The Way Medical Scenes Are Portrayed On TV. Although we understand it’s acting, what we see on TV has to convince us to a point we believe it’s actual life. A lot of our dramas, telenovelas, soapies, films, and so forth, have done a great job in this department.

As Florence Masebe, pointed out, there is always room for improvement though. There are scenes which need producers and directors to go out and seek expertise advice. These includes medical scenes, and situations where the storyline has lawyers and police officers.

Using The River, as a case in point, the award winning actress, asked South African directors if they bother asking for technical advice on things they are not clued up on.

South African television directors. Do you bother to get technical advice on scenes that include things you might not be highly clued up on? The doctors in my life want me to give answers I don’t have. Please answer for yourselves. Case in point,” Florence said.

As expected many responded to her tweet, with different views. Bonga Vilakazi, a local producer, defended the industry saying they do ask, it’s just that at times it happens, they don’t get it right. He also pointed out that he is disappointed that Florence took the whole thing to Twitter instead of asking them directly.

We actually did consult, @FloMasebe. Unfortunately even then, we didn’t get it right, and we take full responsibility for it. I’m just disappointed that you chose to lambast us on Twitter when you have direct access to us, having worked with Tshedza.

Florence, was quick to point out that, all she did was put the matter out for discussion. She explained that it’s just unfortunate that Tshedza production was used as a case in point.

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