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Pearl Thusi Once Again Gets Dragged For Her Views On Colourism

Pearl Thusi Once Again Gets Dragged For Her Views On Colourism. Many people argue that being light skins comes with an advantage, more so in the entertainment industry. Having noted that, we have celebrities like, Pearl Thusi, who on the other hand state that sometimes being fair skinned comes at a disadvantage.

When the opportunity arises, the talented actress and TV speaks about some of the things she has had to endure from childhood to now still dealing with it in her career in her thirties. Pearl even goes to the extend of saying she has lost some gigs because she wasn’t ‘black enough.’ Despite, her reasoning, Twitter always drags her, and people are convinced she has it easy, thanks to her skin tone.

Wednesday evening, on Behind The Story interview with Khanyi Mbau, the two, spoke lengthily about skin bleaching. Khanyi always stands her ground on the choices she made, when it comes to cosmetic surgery. For her part, Pearl cited out, she hasn’t had it easy as a light skinned personality because her success if linked to the subject of colorism. She then broke down on TV, something that shocked a lot of viewers.

Check out the reactions below;

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