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Linda Mtoba Claps Back At People Asking Her To Have Another Baby

Linda Mtoba Claps Back At People Asking Her To Have Another Baby. Her first born child, Bean, recently celebrated her first birthday. Linda Mtoba, went all out to make sure that Bean had a spectacular birthday celebration.

Already Linda, is receiving the usual ‘when are you going to give her a sibling’, questions. Quite frankly, this is just an example of the many questions, proving that you can never satisfy everyone. Single people, are often asked when are they getting married, after marriage, people pressurize them to have a child, once the child is of a certain age, they want another one.

The actress and influencer is having none of that. Linda took to Twitter to ask those asking her to have another baby to stop!

Of late I’m getting a lot of “oh she need a sibling” “She needs someone to play with” Kahleni,” she said.

Other actresses, Zenande Mfenyana and Masasa Mbangeni also feel its inappropriate for people to ask such kind of questions.

Linda’s baby just turned 1 & already people are already asking when she’s having another ??? Yhu hayi we are too much in people’s uteruses and it’s witchy,” Masasa said.

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