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Tshepi Vundla On Why Claire Mawisa Blocked Her On Twitter

Tshepi Vundla On Why Claire Mawisa Blocked Her On Twitter. In most cases, celebrities use the block option on social media to get rid of bullies, negative people, or anyone who rubs off them the wrong way. The case of Tshepi Vundla, shows that sometimes celebrities go to the extend of blocking each other on social media.

The celebrity stylist recently revealed that she has been blocked by Claire Mawisa. This came after Tshepi wanted Claire to clarify her tweet where the media personality said her body is a temple, and other people’s bodies are a night club.


As much as Claire tweeted this years back, it is quite clear that many people are still not happy about her statement. One Twitter user stated that Claire might be beautiful and all, but she still can’t get over how she described other people’s bodies.

Chipping in, Tshepi said that she got blocked over questioning that tweet. Indeed it’s rough in these Twitter streets.

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