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Mihlali Teaches Us The Best Way To Deal With Haters

Mihlali Teaches Us The Best Way To Deal With Haters. She is one celebrity who gets trolled on social media a lot. In most cases when Mihlali Ndamase posts something, her words get twisted and haters drag her for days. Although, she hardly ever responds, when she does she unleashes fierce clap backs.

Life though is not always about answering to every critic. The social media influencer doesn’t see the point of always having to defend yourself against trolls. You might not believe this, but sometimes letting things slide can be the best option. Mihlali spoke about people who live to address their haters every time they say something negative about them.

Bayandoyikisa abantu who live to address haters yonke lemihla, every single day you’re unpacking who said what or who’s envious of your life/success. Chile, that shit seems hella exhausting,” she said.

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