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I Was Fine With Her Not Taking My Surname,” DJ Fresh

I Was Fine With Her Not Taking My Surname,” DJ Fresh. It is quite the norm that when a woman gets married, she automatically assumes her husband’s last name. Nowadays though, a growing number of women like opt for a double barrel surname, or they keep their maiden name. Seeing celebrated men like DJ Fresh allow women to make their own decisions on this matter is quite heartwarming.

DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso Sikwane are on the 18th year as a happily married couple. The award winning DJ an media personality shared his views on women who don’t take their men’s last name after marriage. The topic was discussed on 947 a radio station that Fresh works for.

Would you as a guy feel less of a man if your woman doesn’t take your surname after you get married? Of which Fresh answered, “I was fine with her not taking my surname. Told her it was HER choice to make.” Thabiso did take Fresh’s last name though, but the good thing is, it was her choice.

The two are one of the most respected couples in the country, and they have such a beautiful family. They have is four children, a 26year-old daughter from Fresh’s previous relationship. Together they have a son of 17, a 11 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. Courtesy of his eldest daughter, Fresh is also grandfather to a three year old grandson.

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