Twitter Reacts To Julius Malema Calling Cyril Ramaphosa A Bast*rd

Twitter Reacts To Julius Malema Calling Cyril Ramaphosa A Bast*rd. They don’t call politics a dirty game for nothing. Here at home we have witnessed the most shocking name calling among politicians, and it looks like it’s just another day at the office. One of our most vocal politicians is without a doubt Julius Malema.

The EFF leader has in the past publicly dragged the then president Jacob Zuma. It looks like the current president, Cyril Ramaphosa is no exception. Malema has disagreed with some of the president’s recent decisions like lifting the alcohol ban, and opening up schools and churches.

Malema is also not happy on the president’s silence on the recent police brutality done on black people. Although we are used to Malema having a sharp tongue, his recent tweet took the cake. “Ramaphosa is the bastard, and there’s nothing all of you, including him, can do,” he said.

As a expected tweeps aired their views on Malema’s statement. A lot were not impressed, saying Malema is out of line and disrespectful.

Others though, found nothing wrong with what Malema said. They don’t find the word as an insult and on the other hand listed all the wrongs that Ramaphosa has done on black people in the past.

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