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“Our Love Life Does Not Have To Make Any Sense To You,” Lebo Keswa

“Our Love Life Does Not Have To Make Any Sense To You,” Lebo Keswa. Ever since they came out as a lesbian couple two months ago, Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa have been making headline news almost every week.

Letoya has been the most vocal about the relationship, sharing posts on social media of their special moments together. The singer and actress speaks highly of her girlfriend, and the two do almost everything together.

Lebo who is a businesswoman of note, took to Sunday World newspaper to finally open up about their relationship. On the column titled Love Does Not Need To Make Sense, Lebo speaks about the various reactions they received after their relationship became public.

So now when my story with Letoya came out in early April we were subjected to a lot. From messages congratulating us, criticism, hatred and homophobia,” she said. At that time Lebo did not say anything on the matter, and decided to address the matter when she is ready.

Sunday World gave Lebo, who is also political commentator, the right to respond and her story has been published on the paper. “I am writing this with a heavy heart as I am forced to deal with social media trolls, and social media experts who are trying to figure out why a previously heterosexual woman will find happiness in the hands of another woman,” Lebo said.

Everything she has gone through over the years have made Lebo develop a thick skin. She has also become more involved in her advocacy for the LGBT community.

So to All the homophobes, bitches and bastards that attacked us and had nothing positive to say, this Opinion Piece is for you pieces of shit,” Lebo who has also written for The Sunday Independent and Daily Maverick concluded.

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