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Nicholas Nkuna Gives New Actors An Important Industry Tip

Nicholas Nkuna Gives New Actors An Important Industry Tip. The entertainment industry is not predictable. Today you are a hit, and tomorrow you are all forgotten.

So when one enters showbiz, they need all the advice they can get from the right people. Thankfully there are people like Nicholas Nkuna who have been in the industry long enough to understand its highs and lows.

The actor and musician took to Twitter to advice new actors on money issues. “Please save your money, save it left, right and centre. This industry is unpredictable .There’s something we call “ in between Jobs “ you’ll need back up. Then there’s just Rainy days , you’ll need it .Live a lifestyle you can afford,” he said.

Nicholas who is known for his hit album Therapy also spoke about the music industry.

The music industry is seasonal,it always has been-musicians,singers, song writers,producers whatever your position is, please own your Masters,make sure you know your percentage,your share of the Pie,Put it Down & sign.Because when that song blows up,it will feed you forever.

To those looking at being film makers, directors, runner and so forth, Nicholas advice you to watch Hollywood on Netflix.

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