Inspirational Interview With Award Winning Businessman Matthew Molobeng

Inspirational Interview With Award Winning Businessman Matthew Molobeng. As iron sharpen iron, so one person sharpens another. There is so much one can learn from the phenomenal businessman Matthew Molobeng.

Having founded his company Molobeng Mining company in 2007, Molobeng has worked hard in trying to include youth and black owned companies in the mining industry.

He does the best that he can to share his extensive business knowledge and experience with young people across the country. One way Molobeng has done that is by publishing his book Born Not Made, and making sure it is accessible to the masses.

Draw inspiration from the interview we recently had with Molobeng below;

1. As a successful businessman, what motivates you to do even better?

 As a leader I draw my energy and drive from knowing that more than 100 families are dependent on me, knowing where I come from and where I am going (goals to be achieved)

2. What huddles have you come across in your line of business and how did you overcome them?

As a business man you will always try to diversify which requires lot of capital to start so I ventured into small businesses which did not work out I then unplugged them and I focused on one industry which is mining.

3. You advocate for young black people particularly women to enter the mining industry, what structures have you put in place to support them?

I am currently in a process of receiving an accreditation from MQA (mining qualification authority) which will allow us to train women and the unemployed to be fit for mining operations.

 4. From your perspective, are black women given the right platform to prosper as opposed to their male counterparts?

No, mining industries has been dominated by males, due to stereotypes it was difficult for women to penetrate the industry.The government then introduced women in mining legislation and representation for women in mining, is now that we see women in their minority in the industry.I think women should be given more chance in mining industry especial mechanised mining because it does not require physical strength. 

5. Can one’s success in business be determined by having influential friends, e.g celebs and politicians?

 No, it depends entirely on the business person whether he/she is a born or made business person. I expect business to be a lifetime project because it feeds families whereas politicians and celebs are not on a long term base. Opportunities should come because you have skill and the ability to do the job not primarily because of the influence.

6. Your book, Born Not Made has been a great success, how have you made it accessible to people in rural areas? 

This book is relevant for kids in the rural areas therefore I have put copies in spars, bookshops and libraries for those who can’t afford to buy a copy.

7. Looking at the title of your book, are you of the belief that entrepreneurs are not made but born? 

According to me a born business person is born with a seed which gives him a drive and a passion to start and keep business in operation for a long time whereas a made business person has acquired a skill to operate the business, which makes both of them entrepreneurs.

8. What can help black people to create sustainable generational wealth? 

Growth in business which leads to assets and monetary investments as well as transferring skill to the next generation. 

9. In 2012 you walked away with The Top Black Owned SMME award, at the Oliver Empowerment Awards, how has that impacted your life to date? 

Honestly the industry I am in focuses more on what you can do than what you have achieved although it is good to have both, that is skill to do the job and recognition as well.

10. Any last word to aspiring entrepreneurs? 

It is possible, achievable and challenging. Your success in business is not determined by age, look at Colonel Harland Sanders founder of KFC, he started his business at the age of 65 and also look at Mark Zuckerberg who is regarded as the world’s youngest billionaire, he was 24 years old.You will  trip and fall along the way but don’t give up. Hang around with people who support your vision, people who are living your dreams and also people who want you to succeed in life.

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