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Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee’s Mini Twar Leaves Twitter Wanting More

Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee’s Mini Twar Leaves Twitter Wanting More. Since the beginning of the lockdown to this day, a lot of our celebrities engage a lot on social media. One who is never shy to engage with fellow celebs, even with a different point of view is Prince Kaybee.

Just the other day, he had an engagement with fellow artist, Euphonik on paying DJ’s for their sets as opposed to only giving them exposure. A few days later the award winning musician is on another engagement with an industry peer.

Prince Kaybee took on celebrities saying have the urge to sound right. “You watch a few YouTube videos you wanna sound intelligent,” he said. Black Coffee then responded,” Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent”….are you a celebrity?”

We all know, Prince Kaybe was not gonna fold his arms and let things slide. “I see myself more as a servant of the people, if people wish to call me a celebrity, or celebrate me, it’s a blessing,” he hit back.

Although it looks like the two celebrities won’t further engage on this issue, their fans seems to be wanting things to go a little deeper. Already tweeps are taking side on who is a better DJ, and who made a better point.

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