Twitter Weighs In On The Lockdown Regulation Changes

Twitter Weighs In On The Lockdown Regulation Changes. Without a doubt, it is quite impossible for a country to go on a 100% lockdown. After almost a week, the government has made several amendments to the Disaster Management Act that will impact on lockdown regulations.

Some of the amendments include Spaza shops and informal traders. They will be allowed to operate as long as they have a valid permit. Funerals can only be attended by a maximum of 50 people. If you have to travel to a different province for a funeral, you need to have a permit and it needs to be that of a family member.

Initially taxis were told to be half full, now they could only carry 70% of their usual capacity. Call centres providing services to international clients will be allowed to operate on condition that they’re providing healthcare, social or financial services.

Tweeps do not seem impressed at how the government bends over to suit everyone who complains.

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