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Linda Mtoba Gushes At How Fast Her Baby Is Growing

Linda Mtoba Gushes At How Fast Her Baby Is Growing. Just like sponges, babies absorb knowledge so fast. New mom, Linda Mtoba can attest to that. The actress can’t help but get excited at every milestone her baby achieves.

Just the other day, Linda was emotional when she discovered that baby Bean knows ‘cabuza‘, which translate to kiss in English. When she said “cabuza mama” Bean leaned over and kissed her mom. Bean repeated the same thing when her dad too asked for a kiss.

“I’m crying right now. Bean knows “cabuza” I told her “cabuza mama” & she leaned in for a kiss Her dad came home as I doing it & he said it too “cabuza” and she leaned in for a kiss. My heart she’s growing so fast man,” Linda said in excitement.

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