How Will Cape Town Continue to Attract Tourists?

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Cape Town is a real jewel in the crown of South Africa and has consistently appeared on lists outlining the Best Places to Visit in the country. The city is widely considered a hub of travel and tourism for South Africa. While reports of tourism to South Africa have seen a decline in 2019, Cape Town expects to see a rise of 30% of British tourists – bringing 50,000 of them to the city – in the start of 2020. The city also expects 20% more German tourists and 11% more US tourists. But what developments does Cape Town have that might continue to attract overseas tourists – and how can these tourism figures rise?

More Hostels to Attract Visitors

The city of Cape Town has recently been promised R320 million for its hostel transformation project, which will look to see the city’s hostels be renovated. Not only will this help further improve the living standards for those who may be utilising them, but it will help encourage travel from abroad. Hostels are seen as a viable alternative to hotels and their presence shows that there is a strong lean towards tourism in the city. The city is also keen on nurturing the young adult demographic, as can be seen through the offering of internships to work at city departments to work towards enhancing the region from all perspectives.

This will help boost the local economy, as more tourists from overseas will result in more spending and, therefore, more projects being introduced, to give tourists more reasons to visit. Tourism is a large industry in South Africa, and many westerners who have ‘completed’ travelling around South East Asia and Australasia may then want to experience what South Africa has to offer. Cape Town has a thriving hotel sector and continued redevelopment and interest – for instance, Accor Hotels are looking at areas in the country, including Cape Town in which to introduce more hotels.

The Entertainment Industry in Cape Town

Another of the boosts to Cape Town is the nightlife and entertainment sector. Tourists may fall into two categories – leisure or business. Both will need options for entertainment and there are many ways the city is growing to cater to these needs. One of the main ways that both leisure and business visitors are catered for is through casino resort hotels. Cape Town has the notable GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, which offer a hotel with a casino attached.

The reason that casino resorts are so popular, and comprise a reason to visit Cape Town, comes down to how popular the industry is. As this list of casinos in South Africa shows, each one is attempting to offer something unique to attract customers. This shows healthy competition and competitiveness in the industry, which is a sign of health. Some sites offer welcome bonuses while others focus on the range of games they have. By taking advantage of this popularity of online gaming through the nightlife offered in Cape Town, tourists could be further encouraged to visit.

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Safari in Cape Town

As well as offering above-and-beyond entertainment and accommodation options, Cape Town also has a chance for visitors to see the ‘real Africa’, which many from the UK and US would enjoy. This includes safari and game reserve trips, with many being situated near to Cape Town – such as the Aquila Private Game Reserve, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, and Inverdoorn Game Reserve. This allows people to experience the city break to Cape Town and then quickly dissolve into the South Africa that makes tourists envious, and shows just how beautiful the country is and what is has to offer. Being able to take part in authentic experiences while in South Africa is of great importance to many visitors, and would definitely sway people away from other cities.  

There is no reason why Cape Town won’t continue to flourish and become a real go-to destination in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, and the wider world. The city has shown its dedication to improving its prospects as a destination that tourists flock to, and has a number of schemes in progress to aid this. The hotel and entertainment sectors continue to thrive and offers a unique and exciting nightlife option for its leisure and business guests. There is also a chance to see the ‘real Africa’ that many western visitors would relish. Cape Town is definitely becoming the jewel in sub-Saharan Africa’s crown.

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