Here Are The Categories of People Exempted From SA Lockdown

Here Are The Categories of People Exempted From SA Lockdown. As expected the president of South Africa announced that the country will be on a three week lockdown.

This measure is done simply to try control the spread of coronavirus. Already in South Africa, the number of confirmed cases has increased six-fold in just eight days from 61 cases to 402 cases. Sadly this number will continue to rise as days go by.

When addressing the nation on Monday, president Ramaphosa revealed that the lockdown will begin from midnight on Thursday 26 March until midnight on Thursday 16 April .

Individuals will not be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances, such as to seek medical care, buy food, medicine and other supplies or collect a social grant.

The categories of people who will be exempted from this lockdown are the following:

  • Health workers in the public and private sectors
  • Emergency personnel,
  • Those in security services – such as the police, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers and
  • Other persons necessary for our response to the pandemic.

It will also include;

  • Those involved in the production, distribution and supply of food and basic goods,
  • Essential banking services,
  • The maintenance of power,
  • Water and telecommunications services,
  • Laboratory services, and
  • The provision of medical and hygiene products.

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