10 Precautions To Take When Using Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

10 Precautions To Take When Using Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers. Now that we are fighting Cornavirus, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are some of the measures one can use to protect themselves. Learn how to handle, use and store them from the 10 tips below.

1. It is recommended that people use sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content. They are 99.99% effective at killing many types of bacteria, including viruses like the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

2. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers evaporate at room temperature and are highly flammable. So one must avoid being near fire and stoves when using them.

3. Because of the highly flammable reason, store all alcohol-based hand sanitizers and dispensers/refills away from high temperatures, all heat and ignition sources.

4. Accidents do happen, and at time our hand sanitizers may spill. So in the event of spillage, clean up the area where they spilled immediately with water.

5. Yes they do contain alcohol,but it doesn’t mean one must drink to get high. Do not drink hand sanitizers . If ingested, hand sanitizers can be harmful even to adults

6. Hand sanitizers are used as a substitute for water and soap in most cases. There are cases where only water can do the job. Avoid using them when your hands are visibly soiled

7. Avoid using hand sanitizers when you have chemicals on your hands. Rather use warm water and soap to wash off the chemicals.

8. Some germs are gonna need something stronger. Opt for another option if you may have been exposed to infectious agents that aren’t killed by hand sanitizer

9. Avoid fragranced products, especially any that have a sweet smell as this might tempt a child to lick their hands after application.

10. Treat your hand sanitizer like a medicine, this means keeping it well out of reach of young children in a cupboard

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