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7 Fun Facts About Modiehi Thulo

7 Fun Facts About Modiehi Thulo. She is without a doubt the coolest mom on TV at the moment. Modiehi Thulo might be about to reach 50 years, but she keeps youngsters glued to the screen and following her on social media.

Together with her daughter Boity, Modiehi stars on Own Your Throne,and we got to appreciate the fun person that she is. She is the definition of unapologetic and since the show aired, many have fallen in love with her.

Learn more about her from the 7 facts below;

  1. 49 year old Modiehi Thuli is a single parent to rapper, TV personality actress Boity Thulo.
  2. According to her bio on Instagram Modiehi is a Gogo, a certified healer, a certified prophet and an intercessor.
  3. Although Modiehi has been well known, she recently rose to stardom on Boity’s new reality TV show, Own Your Throne.
  4. On the show, Modiehi has won hearts with he openness and freedom of speech.
  5. Her free opinions though once landed her in hot water when she tweeted that people can die from anal sex.
  6. In September 2019, the outspoken Modiehi shared some details of her sexual assault experience at her former place of employment.
  7. Thanks to her great genes Modiehi sometimes wears her daughter Boity’s clothes and they fit like a glove.

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