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Check Out These 10 Black Friday Preparation Tips

Check Out These 10 Black Friday Preparation Tips. Only a week before the much anticipated Black Friday. Consumers are looking forward to the craziest deals ever. You’ll need some tips to make the most of the often quick-fire opportunities, though. Check out the following tips for making a success of Black Friday 2019.

1. Check Prices Before Black Friday

Smart consumers check prices before hitting the shops, and Black Friday is no exception. A lot of stores have already released ads of their specials, so you have no excuse. By checking up on pricing for the items on your list now, you’ll have more confidence in the offers you see during Black Friday.

2. Weigh Online vs. In-Store Shopping

If you can’t stand the crowds in-store, staying online might sound like the perfect alternative. But online shopping can come with a few drawbacks. Watch out for short-lived deals that sell out fast, a lack of inventory transparency, and website crashes. Additionally, price comparisons are an absolute must.

3. Craft an In-Store Game Plan

If the idea of hitting the stores doesn’t fill you with dread, don’t think you can just plunge into it blindly. You’ll still need to craft a game plan. Check the ads for your most wanted items and find the retailers that have the best deals. Then note store opening hours and how long the discounts run. Door buster deals are usually available for a limited time

4. Study the Ads

Familiarize yourself with the Black Friday ads. Check the circulars for your favorite stores first, but don’t ignore the ones from places you might not normally shop. Make note of any restrictions, including deals that only run until a certain time or on a certain day.

5. Don’t Expect Stores to Price Match

When Black Friday rolls around, don’t expect those same retailers to be so giving. If there’s a chance that your store of choice will honor a competitor’s prices, be absolutely prepared. Take a physical ad with you, or have the digital ad pulled up on your phone.

6. Check Your Social Media

Whatever your favorite social platform might be (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or something else entirely), start following your favorite stores now. Keep a close eye on these accounts, as coupons, sale previews, or even Black Friday ads can appear there. These can net you some serious savings, or help you find a bargain you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

7. Avoid Impulse Purchases

There’s a variety of items to avoid on Black Friday, and impulse purchases are definitely on the list. When you’re saving a lot of money on the shopping holiday, it’s easy to feel like a couple of extra items won’t matter. This kind of thinking will destroy your Black Friday budget.

8. Forget the Trolley

If a huge item isn’t on your list, consider hitting the stores with reusable shopping bags instead of pushing a trolley around. These bags make it easier to navigate through crowds, and are a good tool to guard against impulse shopping. If you can only buy what you can carry, you’ll be more careful about what you head to the register with.

9. Dress Appropriately

Wear something that is comfortable as you stand in line and move around malls. Also,unless you have a ton of patience and don’t mind helping people, do not wear something that matches staff uniform. You could be mistaken for staff, and inundated with requests to help find items or check prices.

10. Be Ready to Stand in Line

No matter what time you shop on Black Friday, you’re bound to encounter at least one notable wait. Make sure you have entertainment on hand, lest your boredom leads to impulse purchases. Don’t haul anything that’s likely to become a pain to carry around while shopping.

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