10 Smart Festive Travel Tips

10 Smart Festive Travel Tips. For many people the festive season is for traveling. You might be planning an oversees trip, going to another town, going to your village or simply checking out some local spots. Whatever your travel plans, be sure to take note of the tips below.

Be Prepared For Chaos

Enter the holiday travel season with the understanding it’s going to be chaotic and possibly filled with problems. Accept this is the case and choose to willingly travel despite this. It puts you in a much better position to handle the lines and the delays.

2. Avoid Peak Travel Days

Sometimes this can be hard to do but when you’re searching for your flights click flexible dates so that you can find the best price and book your flights according to that period.

3. Consider Holiday Packages

The competitiveness of the holiday season means you might find some great deals on hotel and flight packages.

4. Travel Light

If you can, travel with a small carry-on sized bags to avoid any further delays to claim your baggage, and to be able to keep an eye on your belongings wherever you go. The less you have, the less you have to worry about.

5. Charge Devices Ahead Of Time

Make sure you’re at 100% battery, you’ll have a library of entertainment at your hands during your holiday travel season. Pack a portable charger so you never run out of juice! If not, jot down important phone numbers for when you arrive at your destination so you don’t end up panicking if your phone is out of batteries.

6. Make Backup Plans

Whatever you’re planning, the most important holiday travel tip to follow is to have a backup plan for everything. This includes plans, dates, accommodation, travel bag, entertainment, planned activities, etc. Make a plan B, so whatever happens with plan A, you can still make it to your destination.

7. Get Up Early

If your holiday travel is centered around exploring and visiting tourist destinations then get up early. You will beat the queues as most people won’t get up early.

8. Be Nice

If something goes wrong, just smile, be patient and kind. That’s the best way to get help. No one is going to help you if you flip your lid at them. Be understating of the hell the person behind the counter may be going through if there are travel dramas.

9. Stay Local

Local is indeed lekerr. This festive, you can rent an apartment in a destination close to home with a bunch of friends or family and just have a cheaper and more relaxed experience closer to home.

10. Leave Your House In Good Hands

Holidays tend to see a spike in burglaries, as lots of people are away. Don’t be shy to ask friends or family to pop by regularly, switch on a few lights and water the plants. Or even better, rent out your place and make a few extra bucks while you’re gone. 

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