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Twitter Reacts To Vusi Thembekwayo Calling Sentletse Diakanyo “Domkop”

Twitter Reacts To Vusi Thembekwayo Calling Sentletse Diakanyo “Domkop”. Aside from his businesses, many people know Vusi Thembekwayo for his constant twars with Sizwe Dhlomo.

Vusi Thembekwayo has now taken on another businessman and staunch EFF member Sentletse Diakanyo. From the video it looks like Sentletse said something last year that did not sit well with Vusi. Although he ignored it at the time, Vusi mentioned it in a recent interview and proceeded to cal Sentletse domkop a couple of times.

To his defense Sentletse said Vusi is still hurt that he called him out last year. He said Vusi has tribalistic tendencies and looks down on the manufacturing industry.

Twitter is divided on this one. Some are supporting Sentletse and label Vusi as arrogant. On the other hand others are happy that Sentletse have been put in his place without fear.


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