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Mihlali Ndamase Emotional As She Remembers Her Humble Beginnings

Mihlali Ndamase Emotional As She Remembers Her Humble Beginnings. In the famous word of her crush Drake, ‘We Started From The Bottom Now We Here. Mihlali Ndamase and fellow YouTubers Lasizwe Dambuza are doing the Lord’s work in Atlanta, Georgia

They are there for the annual YouTube Black FanFest. Mihlali and Lasizwe got to meet and hang with stars like Skai Jackson. During the summit Mihlali was in the first content session. During one of the speeches it hit the social media influencer that she has come from far.

“This brought tears to my eyes, because we all started our channels for simple reasons: to share our passions with the world or just for the fun of it. Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting in a room with some of my favorite creators. I am so grateful,” she said.

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