10 Easy Ways To Make Your Natural Hair Softer

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Natural Hair Softer. One main challenge that naturals face, is dry brittle hair that is so difficult to manage. You don’t have to worry that much though. The following tips can help you rock a beautiful and soft natural crown.

1. Use The Right Products

Many hair care products can strip your hair of the natural oils it needs, and sometimes you aren’t using the right products for your hair type. Figure out what your hair type is and try to choose products that will improve the quality of your hair. If you can, go for all natural or organic products as these will be less damaging to your hair.

2. Hydration

Another way to achieve softer hair is to make sure that you stay properly hydrated. Our hair follicles/scalp feed off of what we take in our bodies which is why it’s so important to drink plenty of water in addition to eating healthy if you’re trying to attain healthy hair. Sufficient water intake helps too have hair that is soft and manageable.

3. Rinse Hair With Cold Water

Hot water can strip protective oils from your hair that act as a natural conditioner, leaving your hair cold and dry. When you are in the shower, wash with lukewarm water, and then finish off by rinsing your hair with cold water. Cold water does the best job of sealing the natural moisturizers in your hair, which will make your hair feel softer.

4. Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

After you have showered, take a wide tooth comb and gently comb through your hair. Start from the ends and work your way up to your head, trying not to tug or snag any of your hair. Never brush your hair as this can really damage it, especially if it is already dry. If your hair is especially tangled after a shower, apply a detangler to your hair before you comb it out.

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Some people feel that they have to wash their hair every day to keep it clean. However, washing your hair too much can be bad for your hair because it strips your hair of the natural oils it needs and doesn’t leave much time for the oils to be restored. Try washing your hair every other day or every 3 days to allow the natural oils and shine to return.

6. Condition

There’s no other way how to soften natural hard hair without a conditioner. The more often you use shampoo on your hair, the more prone to dryness it will be, especially at the ends where it’s very hard to comb it properly. If you don’t like chemical ones that are sold with other hair care means, you can always search for organic options.

7. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural product that can restore moisture and life back to your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. Warm up 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Then, apply evenly through your hair and leave on for about an hour. Rinse it out with lukewarm water once you have allowed it to sit. Your hair can be wet or dry when you apply this mask, but it may be easier to apply over wet hair.

8. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Blow drying and using styling tools like wands, straighteners, and curling irons can wear away hair’s cuticles, resulting in dry or frizzy hair that breaks easier. If you really want softer hair, try to let hair dry naturally and try to avoid overexposure to heat.

9. Use Proper Sun Prevention

When you spend time in the sun, you might protect your skin with sunscreen, but you also need to protect your hair. Your hair can be damaged by overexposure to the sun, so when you head outside for a long period of time, make sure it is protected. Wear a hat or apply a light hairspray with SPF protection to keep your hair from being damaged by the sun.

10. Trim

Regular haircuts will get rid of dead and dull hair. You can trim your hair every 3 months if you want to maintain its healthy and shiny style. Your hair won’t be weighed down by heavy and unhealthy strains and will appear silky smooth every time you get a trim

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