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Thula Sindi Warns Against Being A Drug Mule

Thula Sindi Warns Against Being A Drug Mule. The life of a drug mule is a sad one. If it’s not being controlled and abused by drug lords, one can easily get arrested or die. Unfortunately, for various reasons some people still find themselves used as drug mules.

After it was announced that convicted South African drug mule Nolubabalo “Babsie” Nobanda is coming home,many took to social media to share their opinions. Some celebrate her release, and others are still not impressed with her being involved with drugs.

Fashion designer and businessman Thula Sindi also jumped on the burning issue and offered some great advice. “My people please do not ever involve yourself in drug mule ntonz. Real drugs are exported in vast quantities by connected people. You being a mule is just part of the law enforcement theatre. Uzobanjwa so that community feels ‘safe’ & it is business as usual for drug lords,” he said.

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