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Pics: Lasizwe Shows Off His New Ride

Pics: Lasizwe Shows Off His New Ride. He is one of the celebrities consistently securing the bag this year. From new shows to endorsement deals Lasizwe has been doing the most.

Often a times when we work hard, we treat ourselves. Lasizwe did just that by getting himself a new set of wheels. The media personality is now a proud owner of a new BMW.

Lasizwe shared the pictures of his new baby with a beautiful caption. “I would love you to meet my new baby Blue Ivy! This car is a love letter to myself and wish nothing but great memories with it! Blue Ivy… to many road trips and Thank You for choosing me to be your owner,” he said.

We hope this is far cry for his previous house drama. Congratulations to you Lasizwe and keep on inspiring fellow young people.

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