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“No One Cheated On Me,”Penny Lebyane Regarding Her Famous Ex

“No One Cheated On Me,”Penny Lebyane Regarding Her Famous Ex. This past two weeks have definitely been a lot regarding xenophobia and women abuse. A lot of women have come out to talk about abuse they have endured at the hands of their lovers or just strangers.

Penny Lebyane also spoke about her past relationship and what she endured. The radio and television personality revealed how she discovered explicit pictures of young girls on her ex-boyfriend’s computer, before explaining how she caught him cheating with much younger women on a number of occasions.

Many concluded that she was talking about her famous ex, DJ Fresh. Some supported her, while others labeled her a bitter ex. They say Penny should just admit that she was cheated on and move on with her life.

Penny then cleared the air with another powerful tweet.

“No one cheated on me.(listening is a skill) They cheated on someone with me without my knowledge, when they got caught out they claimed I knew. I mean why would anyone in their right mind would wanna make me a secret,” she said.

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