10 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Summer

10 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Summer. Just like any other season, Summer needs to be prepared for as well. The legs must come out, the face has to glow and everything needs to be intact. The following tips can help your skin be ready for this exciting season.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation removes dead, flaky skin from your face and body to prevent blemishes and a dull appearance. A gentle exfoliant is great for your morning skincare routine. It’s perfect to clear the skin of dirt and debris before applying toner, moisturizer, SPF or makeup.

2. Keep Skin Hydrated

It’s crucial to restore the nutrients lost after exfoliating. Use a natural body oil or moisturizer to feed your skin healthy nutrients rather than layering on perfumed lotions that won’t restore your skin’s natural oils. Use natural masks that help restore hydration, especially during the summer to ward off the drying effects of the heat, which deplete your skin’s moisture.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Sweat is your body’s way of cooling down naturally, so as the temperatures heat up, you’ll need more water to keep your body hydrated. Drinking plenty of water improves the elasticity of your skin and gives a youthful, hydrated appearance.

4. Invest In Sunscreen

To keep summer skin healthy, you need to apply a generous amount of SPF every day. From your head to your toes, sunscreen is a vital part of keeping skin healthy each day and long term. Getting a sunburn even once every other year more than triples your chance of getting skin cancer. Carry a travel size sunscreen with you to reapply every two hours at the beach, on an afternoon jog or just relaxing by the pool.

5. Use A Gentle Natural Cleanser

After a day in the sun or even sitting in the office, your skin needs to be cleansed with a gentle solution. A natural oil cleanser will effectively remove dirt, oil and makeup, leaving your skin refreshed and ready for your night time skincare routine.

6. Cleanse From The Inside

If you suffer from skin congestion or breakouts, begin by giving your skin a good clean from the inside out. Cutting out toxins from your diet and including a skin detox drink daily for 1 month will help flush out any toxins that have accumulated over the winter.

7. Eat Well

Cut out processed foods, sugar and alcohol from now onwards, to give your system and skin a cleanse. Fill your pantry and fridge with good food to avoid last minute, easy, processed meals. It’s too easy these days when we’re tired, having partied throughout the weekend and worked all day, to grab a takeaway on the way.

8. Remove Hair Without Irritation

If your summer forecast calls for sunny days at the beach or poolside, you may be putting some effort into removing unwanted hair. But once you rip off the wax strip, it’s also important to care for the skin that’s newly exposed to the elements.

9. Treat Your Feet

Your feet have been stuffed inside boots all winter, so they need a little TLC for sandal weather. Jump-start your program with a salon pedicure. If not here is a DIY tip: First, remove thicker skin with a foot file. Apply a rich emollient cream or ointment, then cover the feet in plastic wrap and cotton socks. Leave on overnight. Repeat every day until you achieve smooth skin, then once a week to maintain soft skin.

10. Skincare and Travel Ready

The days are long, the nights are hot and you’re full of spontaneity. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended vacation out of the country, be prepared to take your skincare routine with you. Keep your skin regimen intact, no matter how far you are away from home to prevent breakouts or throwing off your pH balance.

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