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Thuli Phongolo On How Being On TV Whilst In High School Made Her Feel

Thuli Phongolo On How Being On TV Whilst In High School Made Her Feel! Thuli Phongolo has maintained a steady career for herself having gone from TV presenter to actress and now DJ and influencer which makes it hard to believe she was a child star.

The 25 year old star rose to fame whilst she was still in High School. Whilst most people would have a bad experience with having fame and still in school, for Thuli it was different. The beauty recently took to twitter sharing her experience of having a salary and being on national television whilst still in High School.

“I was a prefect but I was the worst of the year. I was always skipping school for work, I had to two jobs… Craz-e and Tshisa. Young, popular, small change in pockets (which seemed like a lot) and unbothered,” she shared.

“I won’t lie, it was kinda nice being in high school and on tv. It meant so much more back then… I made small change but it was everything to me. I was so fulfilled. Young and flying! Argh, life is easier when you’re young young,” she added.

Do you think the experience is different now for young stars on the come up and still in school?

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