Mpho Popps On The Joke That Gave Him His Big Break

Mpho Popps On The Joke That Gave Him His Big Break. It’s been 10 years since he has been in the industry. Mpho Popps is one of the best comedians we have in the country. The comedian and media personality spoke about his journey Wednesday evening on SABC 1 Sports at 10.

We all start somewhere, and the award winning comedian started his journey on a show called So You Think You Are Funny. He was one of those who came to try their luck and when his chance to audition came, he gave it his best shot.

Speaking to Thomas Mlambo, Mpho recalls being number 10 on the line and having only two jokes to deliver. Since it was around the time when Tsunami hit Thailand, Mpho capitalized on that and turned the natural disaster into a joke.

He said Tsunami was caused by the locals, who love spicy food. In his joke Mpho said families wanted to outdo each other on who could make the hottest dish for festive. After feasting, they all went to the ocean and started passing out gas which in turn upset the sea, causing Tsunami.

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