7 Ways To Get Financial Assistance For Further Studies

7 Ways To Get Financial Assistance For Further Studies. In some cases, students find it hard to pursue further studies because of lack of funds. If you are one of them, or have that fear, do not despair because there are several financial options. Check out 7 of them below.

1. National Student Financial Aid Scheme

NSFAS offers funding if you are academically deserving and financially needy. To qualify, you must pass the means test, which will assess whether you are really needy. You can use your funding to pay for tuition, books and accommodation.

2. Bank Loans

Banks offer study loans, but the strict lending criteria can be a challenge. Some banks require surety or a guarantor, someone who will guarantee to repay the loan if you fail to do so. For further information, contact your local bank or visit its website.

3. Self-funding

You can always be self reliant and pay for your university fees. Some students choose to work first or work part-time to earn money and save for their studies. People who choose this option often work really hard when they start.

4. Corporate Bursaries

There are corporate bursaries from large companies available to students. These bursaries differ in selection criteria and in what they cover. Some of them are comprehensive, while others offer relatively small financing.Most bursaries are renewable annually, depending on successful completion of the academic year.

5. Bursaries From Government Departments

Various government departments offer study bursaries to students who perform well and need funds to study. Most of these departments are at provincial government level and offer bursaries in line with their scope of work. For more information, contact the relevant provincial department. 

6. Bursaries From Municipalities

Some municipalities offer bursaries in a way similar to that of government departments to students who live in the specific municipality. For more information, contact your local municipality about bursaries or other available funding options.

7. Ask Friends and Family

You can do that by explaining to your family and friends what a life-changing opportunity a study abroad experience will be, how it will get you hired in the future, how safe it is… and telling them how much you love them! Or, you can also ask them to match funds

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