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Lady Zamar Claps Back Hard After Being Dragged For Her Acne

Lady Zamar Claps Back Hard After Being Dragged For Her Acne. Nothing is more painful than being body shamed. Unfortunately some people do not care on the extend at which they hurt others. Lady Zamar s among those who constantly gets dragged.

The award winning singer endured being mocked for her choice of clothes over the years, now some have shifted the focus to her acne. One tweep even suggested products she should use to have a smooth face.

Lady Zamar did not hold back and unleashed lethal clap backs. “Like I say every single day, I have acne. And I know for a fact someone you care about has it too,” she said.

She also went on to speak about the consequences of shaming people with body issues. “A singer just committed suicide the other day because of body issues, another girl committed suicide because of he acne,” she said.

As much as education wa shared, shots were also fired.

Cyber bullying is the most uncool thing ever, henceforth Lady Zamar urged bullies to stop. Skin conditions like acne, are just some of the things many struggle with for the most part of their lives.

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