10 Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Sugar

10 Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Sugar. People with a sweet tooth find kicking a sugar habit very challenging. But once you get on with it you will reap great health benefits such as the ones discussed below.

1. Energy Boost

Sugar is digested fast and enter your bloodstream quickly, providing that familiar rush. But once that shot of sugar is metabolized, you’re in for a crash. Foods that are high in protein and healthy fat, such as almonds supply us with a steadier stream of energy that lasts longer.

2. Boost Your Mood

Sugar sends your energy levels on a roller coaster. When you eat something sugary, your blood sugar levels spike rapidly, giving you that boost in mood and alertness, then fall shortly after insulin is released into your cells. This big, sudden drop in blood sugar can make you shaky, weak, hungry and moody. .

3. It’s Good For Your Skin

Slashing your sugar intake can help lessen sagging and other visible signs of aging. A diet full of treats can lead to reduced elasticity and premature wrinkles. The sugar in your diet affects the amount of sugar in your bloodstream hindering the repair of your skin’s collagen.

4. Your Tummy Will Be Smaller

Sugary fare spikes your blood sugar, triggering a flood of insulin through your body, which over time encourages fat to accumulate around your middle. When you cut back on pop and desserts, you’ll start reducing belly fat and the dangerous conditions that come with it.

5. You Will Shed Off Kilos

Cutting out or cutting back on sugar may help you to lose weight. Food and drinks high in sugar tend to be higher in calories without the nutritional benefits that fill you up and give your body fuel it can use. Sugary foods can also make you hungrier more quickly, so if you’re snacking on chocolate you’re likely to end up eating more throughout the day overall.

6. Better Digestion

Your digestive tract will thank you for cutting down on sugar – the white stuff inflames the stomach, ferments in the gut and doesn’t digest efficiently, because it can’t be broken down into nutrients other than simple glucose. When you blood sugar surges, the stomach becomes a toxic place that can cause you discomfort.

7. You Will Have Few Tooth Problems

We always warn the young ones about sweets and teeth. Truth is it can happen to adults as well. Consuming too much sugar is a surefire way to develop cavities and gum disease, so you’ll be seeing your dentist less frequently if you cut the sweet stuff out.

8. Reduces Risks Of Diabetes

Having fewer sweets can also protect you against type 2 diabetes. A diet with lots of fast-digesting carbohydrates, like sugar, requires the pancreas to release lots of insulin, meal after meal, day after day. That excessive demand may overtax insulin-producing cells, causing them to malfunction, eventually leading to diabetes.

9. It Decreases Your Heart Attack Risk

People with higher added sugar intakes had a notable increase in risk of heart attacks compared to those with lower intakes. Sugar-sweetened beverages are associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease.

10. You’ll Save Money

And not only on junk food, those trips to the dentist and doctor will add up. Plus, your health insurance premium could rise if chronic diseases caused by excess sugar start to appear.

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