10 Best Tips On How To Protect Your Edges

10 Best Tips On How To Protect Your Edges. Baby hairs that grow along your hairline and frame your face- are the most fragile hairs on your head. It doesn’t take much to break them or to pull them out. You need to apply the following tip to help regrow and maintain your hairline.

1. Leave Your Edges Alone

Leave your edges alone! Like, just don’t touch them, at all. Taking the stress off of your edges is very important. If you’re someone who enjoys wearing extensions, try taking a break from them for a few weeks. Or if you wear your natural hair, try doing low maintenance hairstyles like low ponytails.

2. Be Careful With Protective Hairstyle

Protective styles like braids, weaves, and wigs are designed to give your hair a break from constant styling and manipulation. However, the issues arise when you tug, pull, and strain your delicate hairline too aggressively. Also braiding your hair too tightly, can cause massive, sometimes permanent hair loss.

3. Don’t Keep Protective Styles Too Long

Anything past 8 weeks is just asking for trouble with most protective styles. Keeping styles in for too long can wreak havoc on your edges. The health of your hair is made up of several different factors. Since your edges are part of that equation, make sure you give them the TLC and protection they deserve to look their best.

4. Try Not To Over Style

Creating unique up-do’s or pulling it back into a high ponytail can look so right, but feel so wrong. Twisting, turning, tucking and pulling the hair too much can cause thinning edges. The best thing to do is to let your hair hang loose the majority of the time

5. Massage Edges With Natural Oils

Oil is a great way to make sure your scalp stays hydrated and healthy, especially where your edges are. Using oil keeps hair moisturized and stimulate growth. The oils themselves stimulate growth and protect and strengthen your hair, and massaging your scalp also stimulates blood circulation and promotes growth.

6. Moisturize

Don’t neglect your edges when you moisturize your hair. Dry hair increases risk of breakage, and your edges are particularly vulnerable. Give them special attention and care, and always seal in moisture to prevent them drying out and breaking.

7. Smooth Product On the Right Way

Avoid using a brush to apply products. Edges need to be handled with care and a brush is simply too rough for this area of hair. Always use your fingers to apply products and work through edges. It is okay to brush edges every once in a while, but it shouldn’t be a daily routine if you are trying to reduce thinning or breakage.

8. Don’t Skimp On Product

When applying product to edges, lots of curlies skimp on this area to avoid weighing hair down which can lead to breakage. While you don’t want to overload your strands, you do want to make sure you are giving them enough of what they do need to stay strong. Try different amounts over time to find the right balance for your hair needs. 

9. Stop Using Heat

Since your edges are the most fragile hairs on your head, heat tools have the potential to completely fry them. If your edges are thinning, take a break from heat, and even if your edges are healthy, turn down the heat and use it less often.

10. Be Careful of Headbands and Hats

Look for headbands with a silk lining, or use a thin satin scarf in between your hat and your hair. Satin or silk will protect your fragile edges from catching or breaking on hats.

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