Musa Mseleku On What Each One Of His 4 Wives Mean To Him

Musa Mseleku On What Each One Of His 4 Wives Mean To Him. He seems to be doing great at this polygamy thing. Musa Mseleku spoils his four wives equally the same, and they rarely complain of favoritism. Many wonder how the polygamist does it.

He recently took to Instagram to sing her wives’ praises. Musa spoke about what each one of his wives mean to him, and it is quite special.


MaCele does her first wife role so well. Musa regards her as a friend, ad the pillar of the family. On their wedding ceremony, Musa said, MaYeni is the only wife she is sure won’t leave him, no matter what. She speaks her mind, whether it makes her vilified or not.


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My friend Mayeni. Our love has been amazing

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MaYeni is without a doubt a favorite when it comes to the viewers. Musa has no choice but to stan also. Talking about their union, he says, “Our love has been amazing.” She tells it like it is, and stands her ground if push comes to shove.


MaKhumalo has shown a lot of maturity on season I and II of the show. Henceforth Musa regards her as the unifying character amongst them. Musa showed a soft spot for her, which made viewers conclude that she is the favorite of the four.


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Mangwabe my friend, iyolala ibonene

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Musa regards his 4th wife MaNgwabe as his friend. Unlike his other three wives, MaNagwabe is quite and keeps to herself. No one knows her real character as she rarely makes headlines. She and Musa have 2 girls.

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